Get Berkey® Water!

We are happy to introduce you (our friends/family) to Berkey®


Whether you currently drink local municipal water, use a home filter/RO system, waiting for a disaster, or just prefer to spend WAY too much $$ on bottled water, you may be surprised at what may still be lurking in what you are consuming.


Either way, you are more than likely drinking contaminated water or paying TOO much and/or contributing to the plastic waste buried in landfills or floating in our precious oceans.

Regardless of what you think or know about water filters, we still encourage you to research Berkey® Filters/Systems for yourself. If you prefer we did a little ground work for you and invite you to check it out.

Select A-Links tab and select Berkey®. We want to offer you the opportunity to obtain/provide SAFE drinking water to you and your family EVERYDAY.



We trust Berkey® filters so much, we will begin offering Berkey® sports bottles when you dive with Global Reef Roamers. No point in getting sick from drinking water while on a dive trip. What fun is that?