Global Reef Roamers proudly supports Hello Ocean

Global Reef Roamers proudly supports the efforts of Benjamin and Teresa Carey as they facilitate Citizen “OCEAN” Science and Media to empower the public, inform legislation, and inspire change!

This is good stuff folks!

Projects engage the public in real time ocean research & conservation projects. How do you like your ocean? We like it full of LIFE and free from pollution and harmful effects of our everyday lives. We are hurting our ocean but need to understand, we need the ocean to protect us! Join the efforts of Hello Ocean and find a way to protect the very thing that protects us all.



Swimming With Sharks

Madison Stewart – How to Swim With Sharks

One of her best

Well DONE! Madison Stewart – Call it “BRAVE” call it “CRAZY” call it whatever you need but she calls it “LOVE”. Sharks belong in our oceans – we are the visitors – respect their presence.

Madison Stewart is a twenty one year old activist who has dedicated her life to saving sharks. We traveled with her to the Bahamas to dive with sharks and le…



Get Berkey® Water!

We are happy to introduce you (our friends/family) to Berkey®


Whether you currently drink local municipal water, use a home filter/RO system, waiting for a disaster, or just prefer to spend WAY too much $$ on bottled water, you may be surprised at what may still be lurking in what you are consuming.


Either way, you are more than likely drinking contaminated water or paying TOO much and/or contributing to the plastic waste buried in landfills or floating in our precious oceans.

Regardless of what you think or know about water filters, we still encourage you to research Berkey® Filters/Systems for yourself. If you prefer we did a little ground work for you and invite you to check it out.

Select A-Links tab and select Berkey®. We want to offer you the opportunity to obtain/provide SAFE drinking water to you and your family EVERYDAY.



We trust Berkey® filters so much, we will begin offering Berkey® sports bottles when you dive with Global Reef Roamers. No point in getting sick from drinking water while on a dive trip. What fun is that?

Grand Cayman April 18-25, 2015

It is getting so close! Let’s go diving! turtle-face-sm.jpg

We are heading to Grand Cayman to experience some of the best diving on the planet. Grand Cayman is a great place to be whether you just want to relax or simply dive yourself silly.

Click on the FUTURE ADVENTURES tab – For information Grand Cayman – to see trip details and contact us if interested. If you are looking for something more exotic you are looking for, check out our Philippines trip.

Save Our Sharks – Save Our Oceans

PLEASE support Madison Stewart in her mission to save sharks. Click here to link to her website. Please read Madison’s story and support her mission by sharing her story.

Madison Stewart

Underwater Filmmaker
PADI Divemaster
TDI Technical Diver
Ethical Advisor
Sea Shepherd shark director

Watch “SHARK GIRL” sponsored by/on the Smithsonian Channel.  Madison is very passionate young activist who is all about saving sharks and our oceans. We will all be know the negative impacts if these beautiful creatures are continued to be hunted. This mindless destruction may soon result in extinction which will heavily impact the ocean’s ecosystem. There are so many ways you can help stop this the needless killing. Please take a minute and listen to Madison’s story.

MY WORLD by Madison Stewart “One planet, two worlds, one run by governments and deception, the other run by sharks… pick which one you will fight for?”

Why you Have no Reason to Fear Sharks

Dive Cebu Philippines

Want exotic location diving? What are you waiting for? Let’s go! The benefits of group diving trips are great. Dive and hang out in amazing locations with people you know, like, and enjoy the company of. Make it a yearly adventure. Research phase in progress for diving in the Philippines 2015-2016.

Just a taste of what you can be part of!

Glorious Grenada January 2014

grenadaAlthough GRR typically provides information on our GROUP trips, we feel it is equally important to provide information on individual member adventures. After all, we do have to scout for those perfect travel and diving spots. Follow our very own Vanessa and James as they visit the beautiful island of Grenada. Click on “Past Adventures” tab and select Grenada to read about their adventure. Grenada offers world-class wreck diving, beautiful white sand beaches, cascading waterfalls, and a welcoming culture thus making Grenada the perfect Caribbean getaway. Group Trip pending January 2015. Join US! 🙂

Visit our site frequently to discover opportunities to join us on our future adventures. We will be posting trip opportunities throughout the year. If you have questions or just want to say hi, comments are always welcome. Please let us know what you think about our site.

Global Reef Roamers dive Curaçao April 2013

Beautiful Curaçao by night

Beautiful Curaçao by night – Alain

Global Reef Roamers Annual Dive Trip:              

If you were not able to join us in Curacao, check out our reviews and pictures. Click on “Past Adventures” tab and select Curaçao to read our take on the resort, the diving adventures, as well as all the surface fun we encounter. Curacao offers world-class diving, beaches, invigorating outdoor adventure, and welcoming culture.  If you missed this trip you may be able to make it on the next. Stay tuned for our next adventure 2014. We will also be posting trip opportunities throughout the year to places we have been or may be sneaking off to for a quickie. If you have questions or just want to say hi, comments are always welcome. Let us know what you think about the site too.