Be. Plastic Free

Plastic pollution is a GLOBAL problem that requires action. Whether that action is big or small, it is action to promote change. Be that CHANGE! Global Reef Roamers proudly supports Be. Plastic Free. A true GrassRoots effort to educate and eliminate plastic pollution on Florida Beaches. The movement started when a simple challenge between mother and son involved plucking straws from the sand. Within minutes, the two quickly uncovered the iconic “fist full of straws” outside a local beach side bar. Driven by factors such as plastic pollution and the effects on wildlife, Julie Featherston and son Harper set out to educate the public and influence change. Visit the blog posts for inspiring stories and updates on this movement Be. Inspired Be. Plastic Free

Fist Full of Straws

Fist Full of Straws










Horrifying images and videos of a beautiful sea turtle with a plastic straw imbedded in his nose aided this movement by convincing city councils and local business to change. Initially a voluntary ban of plastic straws was proposed for Treasure Island and alternatives to plastic straws were promptly provided. The movement continues as a call to action to eliminate the use of plastic straws and cups on TI beaches. Workshops driven by petitions continue to educate public officials and push for change.

Turtle with Straw up nose






This momentum can’t be lost! Do your part, speak up, educate, pick up, reduce, reuse, recycle, and be proactive for our oceans and our wildlife. Be the voice of change for those who can not speak!  Alternatives to plastic are out there! BE. PLASTIC FREE!!!