What to expect when booking a group trip with GLOBAL REEF ROAMERS, LLC


Traveling with a group definitely has its benefits. Let your scuba adventure begin with us. We are here for you. We research and negotiate the best package rates, accommodations, diving locations, and much more. Our job to provide you with adventures that keep you coming back for more.


Our job is to review individual resorts as well as the US Department of State sites for travel alerts. We may waive a resort that is more “posh” for a more intimate setting to provide you with the comfort in knowing things like general security, food safety, cleanliness, and friendliness of staff to name a few have been reviewed prior to selection.


Our group generally consists of divers arriving to destinations from many different locations. Because of the diverse nature of air travel, we ask that you arrange your own airfare. We will do our best to provide you with every option to help with your travel plan. It is possible to arrange group air travel however it is only possible with travelers departing the same location.


We always offer Non-Diver rates. Typically even the smallest of islands offer something for everyone and our adventures include more than just diving. We allow our divers to choose their diving packages to provide personal flexibility. Dive boats generally head out in the morning and return around lunch time so non-divers can spend time relaxing, exploring, or come along on the boat if they choose. Resorts generally offer amenities and services such as a spa, workout facilities, kayaking, yoga, and beach bumming on site as well as excursions such as day trips like deep sea fishing, island or jungle tours, etc. We will provide you with a list of available options with every trip.


We encourage anyone who wants to become certified to do so. Dive shops are located EVERYWHERE!  You have the option to complete your classroom and confined water skills prior to the trip. We will arrange for your final open water assessments to be completed the first two days of your adventure. Once these skills are completed, you are certified and will be diving with the group. Global Reef Roamers strives to assist everyone with their diving goals. All levels are welcome!


Although, we encourage divers to have their own gear, we understand it is not always a possible to have everything you need when starting out.  We recommend divers have their own regulators and dive computers but know that rental gear will always available. We seek destinations that have high ratings by certifying agencies and these operations generally have gear which is meticulously maintained for rent as needed.


We seek out the BEST dive operators. Most dive resorts have dive shop/operators on site but some places don’t. Our goal is convenience so there are times that we may chose one resort over another to gain access to the BEST operators to provide us with the most amazing adventures.


  • BUGS – Many resorts do the best they can to control pests like mosquitoes, no-see-ums/sand fleas etc but we recommend you always consider their presence and bring several items to aid in keeping them away from you. We recommend bringing what works for you but we prefer a more natural approach and have found the following really do help many individuals but unfortunately not everyone. Depending on the location and season, these biting pests can be relentless regardless of fans, beach raking, etc.

A Gecko in your room brings good luck and fewer bugs

If you happen to notice a GECKO in your room, don’t be offended or think the resort has a pest problem. These little guys feast on insects and generally are passive in nature and will avoid your advances and stay away from you.  If you absolutely are freaked out by your room guest, we would gladly welcome him in ours. 



  • Thiamine patches – Vitamin B1 patches designed to stay on the skin for up to 36 hours then replaced. Diving and swimming can be a issue in keeping them on for 36 hours so we suggest having enough to last incase you have to change more frequently. These patches can be found on the internet or your local outdoor or sporting goods stores. Ingesting B Vitamins as a whole can also help in making sure you don’t smell like a buffet to biting pests.
  • Coconut Oil – Coconut oil has so many health benefits and when traveling in remote areas it is well known to keep some biting insects away. Unfortunately it is a oil and can be a bit messy but worth a try. Coconut oil also offers a SPF 15, protects long hair from tangles while diving, is a fantastic moisturizer, and is the smell of the tropics.
  • Lemon/Eucalyptus Repellents – Many companies like Repel and Off offer natural alternative to their common products containing Deet and other chemicals.
  • CLOTHING – We recommend you bring light comfortable clothing, Tropical areas are often very hot and humid and people often wonder why we recommend bringing a pair of long pants or skirts as well as a long sleeved shirts but if your clothing is loose and your skin is protected, the chance of bites and stings are less. Lighter fabrics and colors are best. Breezy areas also can help keeping bugs at bay.