It is our mission to share our passion and enthusiasm for scuba travel/diving. Our purpose is to inspire divers (new and seasoned) to remain active by promoting scuba events and dive travel. Our goal is to bring like-minded individuals together to explore our planet’s most precious yet fragile reef systems and diverse marine life.

While encountering new adventures to amazing dive destinations, it is our intent to protect our underwater world by only leaving the echos of our laughter, the trails of our footprints, and the bubbles where we dive while only taking pictures, beautiful memories, and forming friendships that last a lifetime. We are deeply committed to raising awareness to the threats currently facing our ocean environment which warrants our understanding, respect, and participation in protecting it as we explore. Combining INSPIRATION, ADVENTURE, EXPERIENCE, CONFIDENCE, We BUILD divers! Answer the call of the SEA! We want to exceed your expectations!

We are blessed with each welcoming sunrise and mesmerized by every stunning sunset.